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SPIRICH HOME 24In 4-Panel Steel Wire Pet Gate With Door


The PAWLAND Foldable dog gate with door is a versatile option for corralling and keeping your new puppy or kitten from exploring too much of the house. This pet gate features an accordion-like hinged design that lets you fold it to fit nearly any doorway or hallway. The piece is made from tough wood with durable metal hinges. Wide slats provide a secure barrier without your pet feeling like they're completely cut-off from the home. Choose color options from the available.

This pet gate with door Consists of 4 Pet Panels, Connected and Secured Together with Sturdy 360 Degree Hinges for Multiple Configurations. Use as A Pet Gate in Doorways Full Hallways or Any Wider Areas.

The Gate Includes A Lockable Door That Allows You to Move Freely From Room to Room without Having to Shuffle the Entire Unit.

Free-Standing Design Requires No Wall Attachments, Lightweight Allows For Easy to Move &Store. Two Support Feet for Additional Balance.

Those Pet Panels Constructed from A Durable Solid Wood Frame and Strong Mental Wire Interior. It's Perfect For Especially Large Dogs or A Puppy Who Like To Chew On Everything, Yet The Pet Gate Fit Beautifully in Any Home DÉCor.


Constructed from wood and strong steel wire.

Expands to fit almost any width.

Arrives fully assembled.

Folding, free-standing design.

Suitable for dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Folds down quickly for easy storage.

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Open Dems: 96’’W x 32.08” H x 0.7’’D

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